Importing & Exporting


We know transporting and receiving good can be a difficult process, which is why offer importing and exporting services. We are skilled at doing everything by the book to make sure your imports have no problems getting through customs. In turn we also offer different methods of being able to export your goods.

For imports we can provide you with regulation assistance and customs HTS classification consulting to help you better understand what requirements you must meet. From there we can assist you with import entry processing, ISF filing (formerly 10+2 rule), and remote location filing (RLF). And once all of that is taken care of we can act as an automated commercial environment for your imports to be sent to.

For exports we are freight forward oriented and focus on shipping your goods to where they need to be. Our service are not limited to using only one type of vehicle to transport your goods as we offer air freight and ocean freight: LCL (less than container load). Spacing will never be an issue as we are willing to do FCL (full container load) shipping. And if you need for your customers to receive their good immediately we do offer direct shipments.



Import Entry Processing
ISF Filing (formerly the 10+2 rule)
Remote Location Filing (RLF)
Automated Commercial Environment
Customs HTS Classification Consulting
Regulation Assistance

Freight Forwarding

Air Freight
Ocean Freight: LCL (Less than Container Load), FCL (Full Container Load) 
Direct Shipments