Our Patented

4i Process

Our 4i PROCESS™ allows us to work in the most efficient manner possible to design and engineer new concepts and bring them to market, or to make your existing packaging, procurement and distribution projects more streamlined and profitable. 4i PROCESS™ works with both simple and the most complicated manufacturing challenges.

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1. Immersion


We begin with the end in mind. We quickly work to find ways to maximize the efficiency of your available resources.



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2. Insight


Using the results of our Immersion technique, we articulate a complete picture of where your business is and where it can go.


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3. Imagination


We use our creativity and experience to develop the most appropriate set of solutions for your unique set of challenges.


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4. Implementation


We leverage our global resources to put the best plan into swift action.  We follow the project from beginning to end to make certain it is done right and on time.