Product Development & Design


Through our cross-functional expertise we are able help you take you ideas and transform them into a full-fledged product. Once you present us your idea we commit our many services in the areas of industrial and mechanical design, prototyping, rapid tooling, and plastic injection molding to create your product. All without having to sacrifice quality or creativity due to our compressed design cycles and reduced lead times. 

From your idea we’ll go through the very first steps and start doing market research to see how your product will fare in the market. This will also give us the chance to look at what products are already in the market and do some reverse engineering to help start designing your product. Then we can begin the technical drawings of your future product. 

Once all of the beginning work is done we will start doing the heavy lifting of creating mechanical designs to figure out how exactly your product will work. From there we will work on industrial designs so that your product can function at its highest capacity. And then we will begin the process of making a tangible product by acquiring the proper tooling & fixtures. 

After all of that we get to, arguably the best part of product design and development, creating the product. We will take all of our research and designs, turn them into a prototype, and then begin testing the prototype. When we have gathered all the insight from the testing of the prototype product we can apply it to making improvements and eventually start short run production.


Market Research
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
Prototype & Testing
Tooling & Fixtures
Short run productions
Reverse Engineering
Technical Drawings